Extensions are constructed using high
strength stainless 1” tubing for extra
durability.  Each Quick-Connect extension
is permanently marked in 6” increments for
easy depth measurements.  Stock lengths
are 2, 3, 4, and 5 feet.  Metric and other
than stock length available upon request.
Quick-Connect extensions are also
available in all stainless steel.


Our extensions are constructed from high
strength stainless 1” tubing.  One end
utilizes a 5/8” male thread and the other
has a 5/8” female thread.  Extensions are
available in 2’, 3’, 4’, and 5’ lengths. Our
threaded extensions are not marked for
depth measurements.

We offer the original quick connect soil sampling equipment.  Simple, yet reliable. Other’s have tried to
imitate but failed to innovate on the design. There is no better working equipment on the market and that
is our promise. We have incorporated modern CNC and laser equipment to produce high strength
precision-machined parts to eliminate sloppy fit.  The Quick-Connect fittings are designed as an integral
part of the tools as opposed to retrofitted bulky cast parts, which some competitors use. A simple one-
piece pin is used to securely hold the tools together.  There are no spring-loaded pins to freeze up and
no special tools are needed in the field to assemble or disassemble the system.  Simplicity,
dependability, and quality…


We are now offering 5/8”-NC threaded augers and accessories.  This connector system offers you
another option in selecting the equipment that is right for you, whether due to pricing considerations or
preference. It offers economy and less weight without sacrificing longevity. We intend to provide you with
the most reliable threaded equipment on the market.  This system is not intended to replace, and is not
compatible with our standard Quick-Connect. Adapters are available.  1.252.946.1248